The 40+ Project is a collection of written and video interviews of men and women over the age of 40, investigating, in a small way, what crossing the 40 threshold and life beyond that landmark is like. It’s an impromptu project I stumbled into 10 days before I turned 40 myself and one that could not have been possible without the modern conveniences of social media, video chat and amateur desktop editing. My goal is to interview 20 men and 20 women (= 40, get it?) but that’s a tall order and I’ll take what I can get. I’m open to however/wherever this pet project organically leads me.

I must mention that I use the word “interview” very loosely and I don’t have formal experience editing, copy or video. The one thing going for me is that I love people and I love the varied and nuanced things they have to say. I hope you feel the same way as you ignore the technical clumsiness and watch/read the Q&A’s.

New interviews are continuing to post so be sure to come back!

It's intended for us to grow  + get to the point where we are okay to leave this bodyIt's really easy to get marginalized ... You can't let that get under your skin.It was a long journey and a great lesson to finally let go of the blame.
There's a big sign over my head: 'Please excuse our appearance. We're working on it.'... most adults, including myself, have been or are still living like children ...Time is at a premium ... Take pleasure in the simple things.
He said, 'Never say never,' ... and it was less than a year later I became an atheist.I learned that happiness lies in the life that you have already.Perhaps I am a romantic, a dreamer ... but then again, good for me.
I was diagnosed with early menopause + I felt like, '... am I skipping a whole decade?'Your education is more important than your race, your gender, your religion.

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