Someday, I will be too old for this sort of thing.


That day may be today, or may have already come and gone some years ago. But I felt like it so I embraced the 11-year-old fashionista within. It had nothing to do with baby doll fantasies or some Zooey Deschanel-esque persona of the latest It Girl. The thought came across my mind to put the socks and the shoes together because it was visually interesting, and then the thought that I am too old for this and therefore would look foolish took over. Then I resented the second thought. So there I was last night, running around Little Tokyo in a blue, polka-dot dress and the above footwear situation. I do not have a photo of the overall ensemble. I do not do selfies.*

What does it mean to be age appropriate in this day and age? And where’s that line between societal pressures for you to step line with expectations and the internal sense that it’s time to leave certain things behind? I do think good-byes and letting go are integral to a full, well-rounded life. I guess I’ll just say my good-byes and let things go wearing lacy fold-over socks and heels for now.

*But I do. Only in the guise of a “project”. Those are air quotes, by the way. Stay tuned.